Thanh Nam Valuation and Investment Joint Stock Company fully meets the rigorous standards of personnel, professional qualifications and technical facilities for a professional Appraisal Company. Thanh Nam Valuation Company has a team of collaborators who are doctors, masters, appraisers, auditors, experienced financial and banking experts, Thanh Nam Valuation Company. committed to providing customers with the most perfect appraisal service according to the criterion “Legal grounded, faster, more effective”

Human Resources

In order to ensure provide accurate, convenient and effective appraisal services, Thanh Nam Valuation Company has spent a lot of effort, time and money to build a diverse price database on financial and technical. Since its establishment, Thanh Nam Appraisal Company has focused on developing and applying information technology in Appraisal.
The members of the Board of Directors are all people with many years of experience in working and managing at auditing organizations, financial institutions, securities, leading commercial banks, valuation and companies. large trade… Therefore, Thanh Nam Appraisal Company will always share the same vision and attitude with its customers and partners.
The company currently has 4 Price Appraisers who have completed the licensing, these are 4 of the Valuations with extensive experience in valuation in the Vietnamese market, the appraisers are fully qualified. standards of the Ministry of Finance and a practicing certificate issued by the Ministry of Finance.
The company has selected and trained a team of Assistant Appraisers with full experience and knowledge in many fields such as finance, economics, construction, mechanics, electricity, law, etc.
Understanding the role and power of general intelligence, the Company has built close relationships with many audit firms, law consulting firms, other consulting firms… The parties have had commits to regularly share and update information to develop together and bring benefits to all parties.

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